The followings are the benefit /advantages of our service :acren7

  • · Faster processing of medical claims, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity and an instant reduction in the manual processing of tedious and time-consuming medical claims
  • · Human error in handling claims and data entry is minimized, resulting in an accurate input and output of information.
  • · Reduction of paperwork flow, e.g… Phasing out petty cash for reimbursement of medical claims, chits and so on.
  • · Easier verification of employee s identity.
  • · Easier monitoring of employee s health such as medical certificates is taken each month by each individual to assess their medical condition.
  • · Employees are able to enjoy the benefits of immediate access to medical utilization and convenience in consulting doctors without having to pay first and claim later.
  • · Complete End-to-End Solution for Cashless or Reimbursement Transactions.
  • · Future-Proof Technology (Easier upgrading system).
  • · Increased efficiency and minimized errors with automated processes.
  • · Cost effectiveness with automation allows for Minimized Excess Capacity and the ability to outsource certain labor-intensive but low-value processes such as Claims Analysis, Call Centre Response and Bill Entry etc.
  • · Improved services to your staff with potential integration into your flexi benefit redemption programs.
  • · Fraud Management Algorithms…
  • · Monthly management reports such as:
  • Monthly claims by employees
  • Monthly claims by clinics
  • Monthly claims by branch or corporate job site
  • Monthly MC taken by employee
  • Monthly report based on disease, diagnosis or drugs that have been prescribed…
  • · All these reports are web based. Corporate Human Resource can review it anytime and anywhere. Acren is committed to providing a high standard of service and will continue to enhance the Acren-Serve. Acren will ensure high standards of medical service delivery by managing an efficient panel of clinics and hospitals. At the same time, Acren will constantly minimize claim abuses, fraud claims and medical costs.

Never purchase medical billing or practice management software again.

As an Acren Health care, Inc medical billing client, your practice will enjoy a web-based practice management system which provides real-time financial and practice analysis reports from any Internet ready computer. There is no software to download, install, or update. Acren Health care, Inc’s integrated online scheduling and reporting package is constantly updated with new features, reports, and services which are all included at no additional charge. Also, there are never any training or software fees.

We are a professional company with year’s experience. We provide billing collection Services for all Medical Practices. Our services are designed to reduce the administrative costs associated with the health care industry and we do this by helping our providers more effectively manage the business aspects of their practice. The financial strength of your practice is directly correlated to timely billing and account reimbursement. We are experts in the Medical Billing field so you can rest assured knowing your practice is in the right hands. ** No Setup Fees to Pay***. Our philosophy at Acren is that physicians should be free to practice medicine, and that a physician’s staff should be able to support the physician in that endeavor. Why let the Insurance co.s keep the money? Contact us; we call you back as soon as possible