Acren Health care, Inc’s medical billing service brings efficiency and transparency to your medical billing. By using Acren Health care, Inc, you can finally free your practice from the tedious billing and remittance tasks to focus on patient care. Acren Health care, Inc’s medical billing process allows your practice to eliminate nearly all charge entry, patient demographic updates, as well as payment posting.

Managing Your Account Receivableacren2

Acren Health care, Inc’s medical billing service provides you unprecedented oversight and analysis of your practice’s outstanding balance. With Acren Health care, Inc’s online practice management system you have real-time updates of all unpaid patient and payer balances. Additionally, we provide you the tools to analyze the A/R by specific insurance, patient balances, and time frame.

More than just 30-60-90

Traditional A/R analysis is conducted by sorting each outstanding balance into specific buckets of time: 30, 60, 90, 120, 120+ days. Although this limited scope of analysis does provide some data on the success of your billing, it does not paint the complete picture of your practices financial health.

Typical billing companies only work the outstanding claims when they move through these buckets. Acren Health care, Inc’s follow-up policy is set according to the payment patterns of individual insurance companies. If we know that Insurance USA usually pays a claim 12 days after submission, we follow-up on those claims on the 15th day. We build these rules into our proprietary billing software to ensure that claims do not languish with the payers and do not simply move through the 30, 60, 90 cycle without action.

Real-Time Reporting

Acren Health care, Inc’s medical billing service provides your practice with the most advanced financial and practice analysis reports available in the industry today. Acren Health care, Inc’s online reporting package replaces the unwieldy reports generated from typical billing software. From any Internet ready computer or mobile device you can analyze payments by payer, provider, location, procedure, diagnosis, or time-frame.

Custom Solutions for Large Practices

It is more prudent than ever for large practices and hospitals to explore all avenues to reduce costs, maximize collections, and reinvent their billing and transcription departments.

Billing Department Extension

A/R at 60+ days a problem? Online eligibility verification? If specific areas of practice and revenue cycle management are challenging your practice, Acren Health care, Inc, with our robust IT department and dedicated client service teams, will tailor a specific solution for your needs.

Your hospital can hire, for example, 10 medical billing executives immediately for a flat monthly rate, at a fraction of the cost of equivalent in-house employees. These experienced medical billing specialists will work remotely within your current billing platform, so there is no need for any further IT expenditures.

  1. Reduce A/R and increase collections
  2. Significantly reduce personnel cost
  3. Improve billing process through increased follow-up
  4. Flexibility & Savings
  5. Manage Acren Health care, Inc employees how you see fit
  6. Immediately bring on experienced billing staff

4% Medical Billing Service – Standard Plan

 “Empowering technology and comprehensive billing and support—an unrivaled suite of features at a remarkable price.”


  1. Improved collections
  2. Accelerated payments
  3. 24/7 accessibility to your data
  4. Transparency throughout the revenue cycle
  5. Full financial and practice management reporting

 Acren Health care, Inc’s Standard plan includes the tools you need to increase your collections and reduce your expenses:

  1. Full charge entry and payment posting
  2. Daily submission and follow-up
  3. Primary, secondary, and tertiary payer billing
  4. Patient billing and call answering
  5. Integrated online scheduling
  6. Real-time financial reporting
  7. Free EMR software
  8. Medical transcription at 8¢ per 65-character line

5% Medical Billing Service – Premium Plan