Medical Billing


acren-110 Reasons to Choose Acren Health. Medical Billing Company!

1. Bill smarter & get paid faster

Tired of submitting claims that will be rejected? Acren Health care, Inc is 4% medical billing service offers next-day billing and follow-up with claims scrubbing technology that virtually eliminates the submission of bad claims. With end-to-end solutions, Acren Health care, Inc provides you and your office staff with the resources you need in order to submit clean claims every time. In addition, through such tools as Electronic Remittance Advice, and Electronic Funds Transfer you will receive many payments in as little as 5 days.

2. Keep more of what you earn
According to the AMA, it costs approximately 10% of an average medical practice is income to process the medical billing in-house. In addition, a typical medical billing service charges between 6-10% for primary care. Acren Health care, Inc has broken the cost barrier by charging a flat rate of 4% of the collected amount with an all-inclusive service that contains no hidden fees or charges.

3. Eliminate data entry with enhanced services & reporting
Save time and improve efficiency by eliminating data entry from your office. Acren Health care, Inc billing executives process all of your data by entering all charges, payments, and adjustments on a next-day basis. Acren Health care, Inc is all-inclusive service allows you to view detailed real-time reports on all of your billing information.

4. 4¢ Medical Transcription
Physicians using Acren Health care, Inc is 4¢ per line transcription service record their dictations into a handheld digital voice recorder. These recordings are then sent to Acren Health care, Inc for dictation. Using Acren Health care, Inc is transcription, physicians no longer need to handwrite patient notes, or use complicated voice recognition software. Rather, they transcribe their patient notes directly into the digital voice recorder, allowing them to transcribe on-the-go without being tied down by phone lines or computer based software.

5. Take efficiency to the next level
With end-to-end solutions, Acren Health care, Inc provides you and your office staff with the resources you need to run your practice efficiently. We offer you all the tools you need in one convenient location, at no additional charge. With Acren Health care, Inc is web-based system, you will never have to install or train your office staff to use
Cumbersome software. The ability to access your information from any Internet-ready computer means that your practice information is only a click away. With real-time reporting, online access to all of your patient and financial information, you will always have your finger on the financial pulse of your practice.

6. Minimize the impact of employee turnover
Minimize the impact of employee turnover by utilizing Acren Health care, Inc is 4% medical billing solution. No longer will your medical billing be disrupted because an individual is unavailable. In addition, bringing on new employees is a breeze because no substantial training is required. No longer will you have to worry about billing, employee training or turnover.

7. Improve collections
Your practice will receive reimbursement faster. Electronic claims filing eliminates the lengthy time of mailed submission, which often takes weeks to be received and processed. By electronically submitting your claims, information regarding your accounts is available the next day and payments can be received within five days.

8. Monitor your practice is financial success
Keep track of all aspects of your practice by monitoring co-pays, self-pays, and insurance payments. Our software allows you to view the details of your accounts and claims in order to assure you that the appropriate parties have been billed. You can also generate and sort reports to consolidate and analyze your patient records.

9. Implement an EMR
We save you more than just time and money. We provide you with the latest in EMR software, and we support and train your staff on our system. A practice using an EMR will be able to export a file with billing information at the end of each day. Acren Health care, Inc will then ensure that every patient is billed and accounted for.

10. Paper less office
We have a vision to create for you a virtually paper less office environment by empowering you with tools such as 4% Medical Billing, free EMR software, 4¢ medical transcription, and billing services. You can now create in fact paper less office environment with our software that secures patient records, provides complete HIPAA compliancy, and a hassle free ease of use